The Academy of Cleaning Excellence has been growing over the last couple of years. Throughout the nation, the ACE Academy is signing up regional campuses to add to the original 4 locations in Florida within GEM Supply.

The current list has grown to:

A2D Cleaning Solutions, Modesto CA

AMROS TECH - Fairburn, GA

Athens - Marietta, OH

Clearfield Wholesale Paper - Clearfield, PA

Dutch Hollow Supply - Belleville, IL

Four U Packaging - Celina, OH

GEM Supply - Orlando, FL

KleenMark - Madison, WI

Marietta Paint & Janitor - Marietta, OH

ProClean Supply - Modesto, CA

Sarco Supply - Tacoma, WA

We welcome all of our regional campuses who are helping get the Academy professional development courses, out to the frontline staff, who provide valuable services to all.

If you have a need for local support using the Academy education, reach out to one of these campuses.

Don't forget to nominate a Rock Star Custodian you know.