Accredited Green Technician

Professional Green and Healthy Development Course for all Staff Members in the Cleaning Industry.

"It was very informative, especially the part where a "Green" work space involves everyone. The cleaning crew is only a part of the solution." Brian Consolino 4/16/18

"This information was very informative and brought up many things I had not previously considered." Cindee Kissinger 3/12/18

"Educational. Will pass along to my team." Cavin Reed 3/2/18

"Love the content, this is my philosophy to." Karla Caceres 3/1/18

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Academy of Cleaning Excellence
Academy of Cleaning Excellence

The Academy of Cleaning Excellence has campuses in Florida;

  • Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa.

With regional campuses in;

Most classes can be accessed via LIVE remote learning as well as from our self-service campus.

Each week there is a class being provided at one or more of our campuses, on such topics as:

  • Accredited Cleaning Technician
  • Accredited Infection Prevention Technician
  • Accredited Infection Prevention Expert
  • Accredited Carpet Care Expert
  • Accredited Floor Care Technician
  • Accredited Floor Care Expert
  • Accredited Restroom Expert
  • Stone Floor Care
  • Job Bidding and Workloading
  • Concrete Cleaning and Polishing

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