ACE Frontline Technician Bundle

Basic Frontline courses packed with knowledge every staff member should have to be a professional in the cleaning industry.

"Very useful education and something I will share." Annette Vachon 4/12/18

This group of courses is for any operation of any size.

Engineered for the frontline worker,

this information is great for middle to upper management to use for monthly training sessions.

Package includes:

ACE Frontline 101 * Introduction to the Cleaning Industry

ACE Frontline 102 * General Safety

ACE Frontline 103 * Hazard Communications

ACE Frontline 104 * Customer Service

ACE Frontline 105 * General Cleaning

ACE Frontline 106 * Infection Prevention

ACE Frontline 107 * Restroom Care

ACE Frontline 108 * Carpet Care

ACE Frontline 109 * Hard Floor Care

ACE Frontline 110 * Classroom Cleaning

Earn an Academy certificate with each course module.

Complete all 10 and earn an ACE Accredited Pro certificate.

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Your Instructor

David Thompson
David Thompson

David Thompson es el Director de la Academia de Excelencia en Limpieza. Es un entrenador de certificación acreditado por la AISS. El Sr. Thompson ha estado en la industria de mantenimiento de instalaciones durante más de 45 años con experiencia como custodio K-12, contratista de servicios de construcción (BSC), consultor de limpieza y más de una década educando al personal de servicio de primera línea. Su mantra: "Soy un conserje y salvo vidas"

Courses Included with Purchase

ACE Frontline Series 101 Introduction to Cleaning
Start here by learning the basics of the professional cleaning industry.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 102 General Safety
Safety is being aware that behavior affects safety.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 103 Hazard Communications
What frontline Technicians need to know about chemical safety.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 104 Customer Service
Learn the importance of communication, appearances, energy and attitude plus much more.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 105 General Cleaning
Grit removal and pH are the daily tasks. Learn why in this course.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 106 Infection Prevention
Breaking the chain of infections is job ONE! Learn why here.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 107 Restroom Care
Healthy "Best Practices" for Processing a Restroom
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 108 Carpet Care
Learn why keeping soil localized and removing contaminates daily are paramount to a quality carpet maintenance program.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 109 Resilient Floor Care
Learn about Vinyl Composition Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile maintenance.
David Thompson
ACE Frontline Series 110 Classroom Cleaning
Processing a Classroom
David Thompson

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