Facility Security

What you need to know about proactive measures to secure both personnel and the facilities we maintain.

"This is a very informative and it also direct to the point." Carolyn Floyd 10/3/18

"This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!" Annette Vachan 5/19/18

"Very informative and a great tool to teach others." Ervin Kessinger 1/14/18

This Security course is designed to help you look and pinpoint issues you or your operations management may or may not have looked at.

This is vital information anyone person can use with the built environments we live, work and play within. Use and share this knowledge as just another one of the proactive initiatives you can use to enhance your operation.

In this course we will cover;

  • Security Plans
  • Facility Security Concerns
  • Facility Keys and Accountability
  • Emergency Plan and Drills
  • Security Scenarios

Your Instructor

David Thompson
David Thompson

David Thompson is the Director of the Cleaning Excellence Academy with over 50 years of facility maintenance experience.

Mr. Thompson is the author of "The New Generation of Cleaning", has been a building services contractor (BSC), and facility maintenance consultant, and has over three decades, educating world-class service personnel around the globe.

His mantra: "I am a Janitor and I Save Lives."

"Beyond Clean With ACE" is a podcast for the cleaning industry and is currently in its 6th year of broadcasting LIVE and recorded shows. He is also the creator of the National Rock Star Custodian program which recognizes outstanding individuals each year.

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