Rock Stars of Cleaning Conference * Leveraging Your Unfair Advantage

Gloria Strauthers is CEO of Exodus

In her PEP talk at the conference, Gloria's reference to an "Unfair Advantage" might be things like,

Not Getting a Promotion

I Don't Have a College Degree

For Gloria, it was when she became one of the 521,626 teen moms.

The dirty looks, the name-calling, and then there was the gut-wrenching shame.

Watch and Listen to how she turned this 'Unfair Circumstance' into an advantage on her way to becoming...?

From Statistic to Success. Gloria Strauthers' strategy of developing a "Growth Mindset" set in motion a series of opportunities she capitalized on that paved her success as a Management Consultant | Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Teacher | Certified SCORE Mentor | Cleaning Consultant

She is the author of Cleaning for Health: The Emerging Pathogen Threat

If you want to purchase her book, you can get it here.



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