Rock Star Onboarding #7 Restroom Care

Healthy "Best Practices" for Processing a Restroom

It is a well-known fact that 50% of all complaints to facility management come from this area of the building, the restroom! And yet, this is only 5% of the total area that we maintain. Janitorial staff members are also expected to work in a hazardous environment.

A custodian is asked every day to do tasks, which require repeated negative health exposures. Until now, many of the risks involved have not fully been realized by the individual impacted the most, YOU!

The information and revelations you will gain from this education are your first step to being proactive in the protection of your individual health. Additionally, you then can be a professional provider of health services to the individuals using the facilities where you work.

Course Modules:

  • Make it Work
  • Exposures and Risks
  • Acute and Chronic Exposures
  • Baby Changing Stations
  • Single-Use Restroom Cleaning
  • Multiple Use Restroom Cleaning

This module, like all other onboarding courses, should take about 1 hour of a student's time to complete.

Collect all the onboarding badges to earn your Rock Star Technician certification.

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Academy of Cleaning Excellence
Academy of Cleaning Excellence
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