101 Serie de Primera Línea * Introducción a la Limpieza/Introduction to Cleaning

Comience aquí aprendiendo los principios básicos de la industria de la limpieza profesional.

CMI 101, le presenta a la industria de la limpieza en general. Este curso, de ISSA, cubre;

  • La industria de limpieza profesional
  • Impactos de servicios profesionales
  • El valor de la limpieza para la salud
  • La importancia de tu carrera profesional
  • La seguridad

Your Instructor

Academy of Cleaning Excellence
Academy of Cleaning Excellence

The Academy of Cleaning Excellence has four main campuses in Florida:

  • Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa.

There are also regional campuses in;

  • California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

VIRTUAL classes are available for some courses.

Each week there is a class being provided at one or more of our campuses, on such topics as:

  • Cleaning Technician 101
  • Carpet Care
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Restroom Care plus Tile & Grout
  • Stone Floor Care
  • Infection Prevention
  • Job Bidding and Workloading
  • Concrete Cleaning and Polishing
  • How to Operate a Profitable Cleaning Operation


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