Tile and Grout Care

Before you clean, understand what you are cleaning.

"As a custodian, this is informative and easy to follow." Carolyn Floyd 10/3/18

"Very informative and useful information on how to properly clean and maintain ceramic tile." Steve Urena 9/24/18

"Great training. Very useful for school custodians as they don't always understand how to clean tile and grout. From that perspective, this information is very useful"Michael Ward 6/18/18

  1. Basic Overview of Tile and Grout
  2. Characteristics - Pros and Cons
  3. Cost of Tile vs. Other Flooring Types
  4. Maintenance Challenges
  5. Maintenance
  6. Cleaning Products
  7. Sustainability

Your Instructor

Ken Horton
Ken Horton

Ken’s experience in concrete, flooring and cleaning for health makes him an excellent fit for Simix. In particular, he is devoted to providing sustainable resources including floor cleaners and coatings that promote health and fight microbes and bacteria.

For more than 15 years, Ken has owned Western Concrete Products (WCP Facility Solutions), the go-to business serving facilities with quality sustainable systems and products for indoor environmental health in Phoenix and Greenville, South Carolina. He is also experienced in the concrete cutting and restoration market.

Ken is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina with his wife, Donna, and two teenage daughters, Kassia and Kendra. He also has a married son in Arizona.

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