Rock Stars of Cleaning Conference * Do You Have a Lawnmower Engine Powering Your Car?

Mike Sawchuk is the CEO of Sawchuk Consulting in St. Catherines, Ontario

Mike coaches FM executives in the education sector with in-house operations to maximize their cleaning results. Mike is an accomplished and engaging coach with an impressive track record for delivering immediate value and breakthrough results. An analytical thinker, creative problem-solver, unifying team leader, and decisive decision-maker who is a catalyst for positive change.

In this PEP talk, Mr. Sawchuk outlines what it takes to move an operation forward, in a positive way. You don't just want the organization to look good, it must run like a well-tuned engine. So what is that engine? Not a lawnmower engine if you have a car!

Listen and watch as Mike explains what drives your professional operation in 2022.

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Academy of Cleaning Excellence
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