Accredited Green Expert Course

Professional Green and Healthy Development Course for all Staff Members in the Cleaning Industry.

"It was very informative, especially the part where a "Green" work space involves everyone. The cleaning crew is only a part of the solution." Brian Consolino 4/16/18

"This information was very informative and brought up many things I had not previously considered." Cindee Kissinger 3/12/18

"Educational. Will pass along to my team." Cavin Reed 3/2/18

"Love the content, this is my philosophy to." Karla Caceres 3/1/18

Reducing the negative impacts on human health is job one.

This course will teach you "Why" there are 'Best Practice' methods on how to be a positive influence on the indoor environments of the facilities you maintain.

Your Instructor

David Thompson
David Thompson

David Thompson is the Director of the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

He is an Accredited Certification Trainer by ISSA. Mr. Thompson has been in the facility maintenance industry for over 45 years with experiences as a K-12 custodian, Building Services Contractor (BSC), cleaning consultant and over a decade educating frontline service personnel.

His Mantra:

"I am a Janitor and I Save Lives"

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