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  • Keynote- I AM A Janitor * Dave Thompson
  • Managerial Intelligence * Dr. Aaron Buchko
  • Do You Have a Lawnmower Engine Powering Your Car? * Mike Sawchuk
  • Who is Driving Who * Mike Ward
  • Rock Star Custodian * Program & National Award
  • Connecting Through Story Sharing * Lisa David Olson
  • How Can A.C.M.A. Change the Way You Do Everything in Your Life? * Allan Langer
  • Leveraging Your Unfair Advantage * Gloria Strauthers
  • Sit with the Winners - The Conversation is Different * Rosario
  • Our Frontline Infantry * Graeme Marsh
  • Channel Your Future * Sean DeVore
  • How Cleaning & Chemistry Assist Bacterial Biofilms Development * Dr. Greg Whiteley
  • Entrepreneurship in 2022 and Beyond * Ken Horton
  • Take Cold out of Cold Calling with Prospecting Automation * Adon Rigg
  • Make a Shift in Your Life - For the Positive * Kevin Chow

Dave Thompson here. I'm your host for the Rock Stars of Cleaning conference.

With this Roadie pass, you can access the recordings of all of the PEP Talk speakers who were LIVE on the stage at the conference.

We encourage you to Nominate Your Rock Star of Cleaning today!

Be sure to mark you calendar for the In-Person conference next year, 2.23.23.

Roadie Pass to Rock Stars of Cleaning Conference